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My sister and her boyfriend, Zach we’re trying to be sweet by holding hands during the mud slide obstacle. But since the gap between the slides became bigger, they ended up pulling each other instead. Haha!

things I should be doing: reading
things I want to do: read
thing that I am putting off for no conceivable reason: reading

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Someone gave us free ice cold treats for performing on Canada Day!
A lady suddenly approached us and asked if we were the ones performing Tinikling earlier then she gave each one of us freezepops.
It was a really hot day so we were so happy for her kind gesture!
To think that we’re from the Philippines and we’re complaining about the heat so yes, it was blazing hot.

Someone gave us free ice cold treats for performing on Canada Day!

1. Food prep
You know you’ve plopped directly into your late 20s when someone’s Instagram’d picture of a week’s worth of food prep for real makes you envious.

2. Local, organic vegetables
What is our late 20s if not a never-ending montage of us going to Farmer’s Markets, then chopping up an endless supply of vegetables and packing them into tupperware that we then organize into our refrigerators all before noon?

3. Owning a Vitamix
One day, we all collectively woke up and thought, “You know what my life needs more of? Something that can both pulverize produce and make hummus!” Sure, we spent the $600 on it, use it only for green smoothies we could have made in a normal, much cheaper blender, but there’s the promise of soups… hummus… almond butter… and just knowing we have an appliance that can give us those things, well, it keeps the hope for liquid foods alive.

4. Professional cleaning
Think about how amazing it would be if someone gifted you a year’s worth of professional cleaning services. Are you turned on right now? I’ll give you a minute alone.

5. Massages
It’s like we got into our late 20s and all our aches and pains were intensified and we thought, “You know what would make me feel better? A complete stranger rubbing oil all over my body in silence for 60 minutes!”

6. Brunch
When the historians look back on our generation they will be like, “They had a lot of brunch.”

7. Going to bed before midnight
Ain’t nobody got time to be out all night.

8. Non-ironically enjoying music from the 90s
I mean, our brains have forgotten all the timetables, but we remember the lyrics to every single song that *N SYNC ever created, so, all in all, we’re doing great.

9. Getting health benefits
When we were in college, the perks of a dream workplace were things like, a ping pong table, catered lunches, and office parties with open bars. Now it’s like, DENTAL! VISION! $10 COPAY!

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What I’d Wear : The Outfit Database
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What I’d Wear : The Outfit Database

(source : Pink Peonies )

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